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11.11.29 Sun Ye Talks About Wonderfuls on Strong Heart

“I probably didn’t know them for that long, but the fans who waited for us gave us the most strength when we came back. Honestly, our album release was confirmed only two months ago. But we really wanted to promote in Korea, and really missed our time here. While preparing for this new album, we all worked so many long nights, and it’s not just us, but also our company staff members, and they all helped us so much. I’m still young, but through all the experiences I’ve gone through, I think I’ve learned a lot, especially in my heart. So, just the fact that I’m realizing that I want to thank my fans is such a blessing. We got so much love, much more than we expected, from our fans, and through that experience, I think we missed a lot of things, but when we made our return, the people that cared for us the most and supported us were the fans. And just having those people around us, who we can thank and be together with, is just a blessing and I would like to thank everyone for that.”

Boom continued, “We all missed you so much too. If Park Jin Young is watching this, please stop sending them to the US. I hope this time you’ll stay in Korea for a long time.”

Source/Credit : Soompi

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